family carrying a Canoe


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Apr 11, 2006
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The picture is too banal (not sure of the word : means "classic") : there's no real expression, mainly cause the models are shown from behind (it's very difficult to have good expressions that way). Exposure on the kid is a bit too dark, and on the "first" carrier, too bright. You should have waited until they're all in the shadow, or better, until they're all in the sun (most of the scene is sun exposed, so your total exposition would have been more "just"). The canoe is "cut" by the upper frame side. I'd had taken this picture in "portrait", which could have permitted the use of vertical lines formed by the trees in background. The US flag also hides the boy. The idea was there (the family carrying the boat), but not the composition ;)
Being a Noob myself, all I can say is that I feel photography takes lots of practice...I think the idea is a good one. Was this 35mm or Digital?
Hm I guess I agree with the previous posters; I think that there is too much contrast between the shadowed areas and the sunlit areas. Really neat idea, though.
wow, good feedback. Here is the story. I am the guy in the front of the canoe and my wife is taking the picture. I agree with all the problems, but my dad is behind me and my son is the boy, all three generations of 'Edwards' my son is edward the third. maybe this summer we can retake the picture using all the tips I am getting here!


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