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    Hello all,

    This is my first post!

    I have 1100 family photos, most from the 1990's. About 100 from 1940-1960's. I have looked at, however I think I should really go with Tiffs which will cost 35 + 19 cents each photo. They do scan them at 600dpi, which is ideal for most of my photos.

    If I do it by myself, even using multi-scan (3-4 photos a scan), how long will that take? I will be using photo restoration/dust removal settings via the new epson perfection v300 i bought.

    What would be the advantage of just paying for the JPEGS at 600dpi? Would the reprints look good. Would they still look good if I doubled the size of the original when printing? I have heard that 600dpi is best for doubling the size of a photo at print.

    If I did go with JPEG, could I not simply mass convert (I have the ViewNX (Nikon) program for this) the 600dpi JPEGS to Tiff at max quality? What would be the pros & cons of doing that?

    I just bought a Epson Perfection v300 off and will be getting it today. It is replacing my 3 year old canoscan 4400f. The canoscan puts a blue line through every photo that is scanned near the right of the scanner glass bed. I wanted to better quality scanner anyway and so I just bought the v300. The software is supposed to be better than the canon.

    The photo books that my mom put all these in are crap and messed up some of the pictures. Are there any better and easier ways to store photos for easy access and easy "pull out and view". I have something called the cropper hopper photo storage system and that is good for straight up "storage" is your destination for all your scrapbooks needs and accessories. From embellishments to paper holders to storage containers.

    Thanks for your help!


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