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Jun 27, 2003
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this was the first unassuming subject to answer my ad looking for strange and peculiar looking people to photograph ... he's an actor, he's doing a one man show next month :lol: ... feel free to comment ...

do you think red is his color?


... your first image is a delightful example of the "head shot" photography genrè

Suggestion: ask your husband to check your metering technique - the flash is a bit too "hot"


I liked second one more than first. Frst one is very sharp in colours but it is very exentric, maybe too agresive, second one is more artistic and more calm.
The perspective on the second shot is perfect, it makes me think more.
yeh, i've never been a big fan of flash until my hubby convinced me sometimes its neccesary ... guess i gotta get the positioning of the lights correctly :)

he sure was fun to shoot ... he wants a round 2 this week ... my hubby wants to get him in a ballerina suit .... but i think its time to move on :lol:
thats me ... i dont have a normal bone in my body :lol:
its kind of a long story ..... but i'll start from the top :)

i prefer to shoot objects, industrial stuff and street photography ... i really dont find people that interesting to shoot because they all end up looking the same to me (pretty much, with different variations) ... i always tell my hubby, "people are boring to shoot" :lol: ... so the only way i will shoot people is if the are strange looking, odd or something thats not "normal" about them ....

so i figured it was time for me to start shooting people in a "studio" setting ... i place an ad in the paper saying...

"amatuer photographer seeking strange offbeat characters to expand my portfolio .. not looking for typical "model type" ... im looking for exactly the opposite :lol: i want to celebrate the beauty of "non-beauty" ... in other words... facial scars, teeth missing, wooden legs, etc... get the picture?" ....

so i had several responses... most of them actors or models that were too "pretty" ... so i turned them down ... he sent me a photo with himself holding a paint brush in front of a canvas with his underwear on and said he's game for anything ..... i said, thats my guy :D

we set a date and he was a real character (my hubby went with me to get a few shots as well) ... he was in shorts and a t-shirt ... my hubby said, "do u mind putting on a bathrobe?" ... he said, "no problem ... by him being an actor, he knew what to do next ... i told him i had an idea about him putting on make-up in a mirror ... he said, "sure, no problem." .. so i found the reddest lipstick i could find

i think im gonna do another project with him ... i got something really strange in mind this time .... its a secret for now ... but it definatly will be an interesting moment
Very enterprising of you Dew!
As I said, it's not my bag but it sure gives some pointers to others.
Well done!
Those are good shots. The first is a bit heavy on the harsh light. 2nd one is brilliant.
i have a question... he signed a model release ... so who owns the photos?

something like this...

i do hereby give (me) and his/her assigns, licensees and legal representatives the irrevocable right to use my picture, portrait or photograph in all forms of media and in all manner, including electronic media and/or composite representations, for advertising, trade, or any lawful purposes and I waive any right to approve the finished product.

now i understand i can use the photograph, but who owns it? ... can i deny him the right to use it at will?
Sounds like you own it all Dew unless there was a separate agreement for the modelling i.e. he was to get some pics as a "fee".

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