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Sep 22, 2009
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Apparently this forum isnt a place to post photos to share my work. After a years worth of posting, 40+ pages in a thread and over 400 likes, the admins here decide that it is best to just close my thread in stead of dealing with the people responsible for making the thread "a series of extended arguments".

I have NO way to block people or delete comments, so any work I put in is at the discretion of the Mods to judge me and punish me based on other peoples actions.

I will not be starting a new thread, I will not be returning here, however I will continue, as usual on my social media sites which you can follow if you wish


Cheers! and my advice... find another forum

That sucks.

You should be proud of yourself, that's a pretty high post to like ratio you have there :) Best of luck! I'll be following you on FB.
I think your work is excellent and I've always enjoyed your thread, despite the minor glitches along the way that I find to be non-substantive and silly.

I wish you would reconsider.
Peace Scott. I enjoyed it while it lasted. I know it's a photography forum, but I don't see any problem with saying "Ooh she's pretty". Nothing more, nothing less.
As stated the thread had devolved into a series of small arguments, some of which were being restarted based on earlier postings in the thread and others which were simply ticking over. It was not worth going through 40 pages deleting comments when the thread itself could simply be closed and re-started.

As I said you were perfectly free to start a new thread to post photos in and you've not been punished for this in any way save that an old, if long active, thread was locked.

Please note that this thread is now also locked based on our policy of no flounce threads (this mostly on account of them turning sour very easily). The thread will remain up to inform other members.
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