Farm with Round Bales


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Sep 29, 2006
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Shenandoah Valley VA
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I would appreciate any critique you might have of this Photo. I like it but it leaves me a little wanting. I'm just not sure what. Ron

I like it but I suppose you could do something like this

Yip and that is why I said I like the original. Other then completely changing the look not much else I would do.
What are the subject of the picture?
How does the composition demonstrate what you think?
Why did you take it from this angle?
Traveler, I cannot answer your questions. I took the picture because the light was so good.....and that's all I got.

You're right, Paolo. Nothing to say.

Thank you
IMO, the image would have been better if the post processing had been more selective. Too much realistate with the same amount of pp. I think the foreground and hay bales should have been less saturated than the barn which I consider to be the main subject.

The hay bales are excellent anchors that point to the barn. It's an excellent composition

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