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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by Montana, Jan 14, 2010.

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    Guys, I have worked myself into a bind. I basically have two jobs. One job suddenly requires me to be out of town 26 days a month. I have a pile of senior photos to edit and send to the lab. I am working myself ragged. Has anyone else thought of farming out all the post work. I did a senior shoot with a youngster with bad acne and I know that it will take lots of time, and in fact may even be beyond my skills. And bottom line is I am just getting burned out.

    I guess what I want to know is if some of the pro labs do a great job of post processing, and I am not just talking color correction, and who has reasonable prices on this?

    I have dug myself a huge hole and need someone to help haul me out of it. LOL


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