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May 13, 2005
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yep, an attempt at fashion today for a few friends!
did not have the best of light/makeup etc or technical know-how ... made do with the equip and natural light we got
feedback/critique are appreciated















8. and some fun moments!


thanks soooooooo much... :D i'll ask my friends to look here for their pics and comments!

*oops the spelling error in the title.. ugh cant edit titles :(

*3 more added below :D :D :D thanksss
Woohoo you can't spell Fashion! Haha.. (neither can I actually.. It turns out that i spelt it fahion aswell.. i think the mods have been messing with my posts again :p )

However, cool pics!! My favourite is probably number 5! :D
I really like the idea of using newspaper. That is a cheap and clever way to add an interesting background! The girls are beautiful and I really love the feel of #4. I also like the last one and how the shorter girl used the tie as a belt haha.
thanks nathan and mommy...
the 4th was a natural reaction to her skirt flying.. so i just snapped ;)
i kind of visualised something else with the newspaper... but i guess a lot of times it doesnt turn out how you want it to be.... wasnt enough room at that angle.. and the light was sukkin
thanks mucho :D
I like what you've done with these, they're not too serious, more fun and lively. Think 4,7 and 8 are my favs, but they're all so pretty and you did well with the whole series IMO. The only thing that bugs me with the first is the bit of newspaper covering her foot, but i like the idea of using it. :thumbup:
thanks arch :D
i know.. the damned paper.. i've just about picked these out.. will look thru the rest, i think i pointed that out to her so i probably have another..
thanks a lot for the comments :D
very nice job with these! the look like ads in a catalouge! i like 6 and7 alot! very nice work!
These are great Mansi, Love the comp in 6 and 7. The newspaper BG is really cool also. Nice work.
thanks a lot slick and m@ko! appreciate the comments :)
hi mansi; u asked for feedback so here goes....first off i love the newspaper idea.:) really like that it fills the entire frame like that...makes it seem like they're in a little room or something.
I like her pose in number one and the selective decolouring makes her jump off the page hehe...the pose comes off as very confident. jus notice her foot is caught under the paper but thas no biggie, jus gotta watch those little details.
second one...BG works really well with her sweater colour and that is one cool necklace! kinda looks as if her left arm isnt in her sleeve tho. like her relaxed pose and the off centre placement.
third one...nice BG colour and soft light...jus need to move her out from the wall a little tho with the soft shadow it's not so much an issue. love her long slender arms and the pattern sets off well against the blank BG.
four is so cool! works great in BW...really like that she is looking downwards and smiling...sweet shot!
five would make a great stock the tie under the shirt very kinda city-chic look . jus be careful on your prop placement. would have moved the laptop more to left so her leg isnt over it
six and seven are beautiful shots ...the combo of skirt colour and BG work really well together.the contrast with her hair is great. i think this is a great BG with the random colouring on the floor. I love her expression in the second one as well as your placement in bottom right and looking to left...wasn't sure at first but im really liking it now.:thumbup:
love the collage! jus looks like loads of fun..the last one in it is my fave.
all in all a good job mansi...and beautiful models all of them:D

for the next installment in this book series ....see yer next thread :lmao:
o boy! thanks jon for the extensive reply.. mucho appreciated.. you rawk!
thanks.. appreciate the effort:D
sorry for the overload but heres 3 more







thanks for looking! :)
these are great too the compo on the close shot and her pose in the first....great stuff and cool fashion sense :thumbsup:

gonna take a breather from my long winded response :mrgreen:
eyyyyy youw on't belive that! but yesterday I was putting newspapers on a wall for something like this! for a bloke with a cigarette there!

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