Favorite slide film?


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Apr 19, 2003
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Pasco, WA
The Contax RTS II I bought has finally shipped and now I need some film.

Years ago I shot Kodachrome exclusively, but have been hearing that it's difficult to get it processed these days.

So... what's everybody's favorite color slide film?
I like the consumer Fuji Sensia as well as any. It has been improved for RMS and even the higher 200 and 400 speeds are much better than a few years ago.
I really like Kodachrome. I have tryed many others, and look great, but I just prefer kodachrome. I mainly use slide film to make slides of my art work (paintings, drawing....) I find that the colors are better on the kodachrome.
Tried Astia and have a roll of Velvia in the Yashicamat I am going to use in Prescott, AZ next weekend. I haven't tried Sensia. When I get a good slide scanner I will probably shoot mostly slides.
I have used sensia 100 through 400 a few years ago and stepped over to Kodak E100S with it's excellent colors for insect and general photography.I used Velvia for static things like mushrooms landscapes ect.I ran out of Kodak E110S and use Fuji Provia 100F nowadays.A very sharp film.

Some of my friends have quite some difficulties to scan Kodachrome 64 an other problem is it needs an other proces them E6 what usual for slidefilm.

Velvia is probably the sharpest film but what a good friend used to say : it has too much color (i think his eyes can't handle it very well (disorder ??). I mostly replay with: Switch over to B+W.


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