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Dec 14, 2003
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F@cking Hell
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You never know who is watching your back when you open the door to your apartment


Thanks to my Momma for helping out with this one. Love ya
I posted a another version of this about a year ago, and have been trashing my archives so I thought I would throw this one up:er:​
Wow I find myself speachless...

In a good way. :)
I'm really diggin' the expression on your moms face. My only nit would be holding the crow bar on a slightly different angle so it didn't get lost in her coat. Great image Chiller!!!
oh yeah, that one rocks.
But like Tantallonrox said, bit of a shame that the crowbar isnt really visible. But other then that, wicked shot.
Aren't you a bit old to be living with your mother? And why won't she let you have your own front door key?

Thanks everyone. Appreciate your comments. I agree about the crowbar. I could probably fix it up a bit, but it was an oldy.

Helen...Nah.. I dont live with Momma. She scares me. :lol:
Great Image! I like how it makes your mind wonder "What happend???"
is that a pipe wrench?
Another great pic, Chiller.

I wish my Mom was cool enough to pose for pictures for me. It seems like every picture I have of her, she looks like she wants to shove my camera straight up my........


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