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Sep 10, 2015
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Plan to use Ilford films. Which do you think will be better for vintage cameras? Using 120 film.
Any one is fine. The choice of film speed would depend on the camera to an extent. The rest is subjective. HP5 is similar to Kodak Tri-X. Their Delta line is finer grained (similar to Kodak Tmax).
Hi. What type of vintage camera ? Very very vintage ? Like Brownie ? Or camera with some exposure controls ?
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Primarily ones with some exposure controls. A Graflex 22 but maybe an occasional Brownie.
Darn autocorrect ! Sorry, I fixed my previous post.
Yes, Graflex 22 will take any 120 film, but you will need an external light meter. With Brownie is different, it takes 620 film, no more in regular production. I respool my own, but it is tricky. You can buy some online, but it is more costly. Brownie does not have any controls, when choosing film for it remember, that in it's times the standard film was of ISO 50. If you use faster film you have to pull it in development or fix in the front of the lens some filter of known density. Like that:
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Sorry for bad quality, taken with pad camera. But good enough to see the idea.
Thanks. Your advice was helpful. I just placed a film order with B & H.

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