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May 12, 2006
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I was woundering how long does a used film last before the images deteriorate. i have some from a good while back that have been just sat in my cupboard and dont know if its worth developing them

They're still worth developing IMO. Film quality does deteriorate over time, especially with more heat. I don't know the technical facts about how long film "lasts", I'm sure others will know.
With that said, my grandma found an old 35mm roll in one of my grandpa's cameras that was exposed back in the 70's. 30 years later she had them developed and they still turned out beautifully fine.
okay, black and white is remarkable as long as theres no heat, generally its a reductin in contrast once it gets to far after it's useby date, but with the right conditions it's cool.
c 41 is pretty crap, its still worth it but generally image quality will reduce unless its been refrigerated.
thanks for the replys :) i will deffinatly develop them.. i cant even remember whats on them so that should be fun. hopefully they will still be ok
If it's been in your cupboard, it'll almost certainly be as fine as the day it was taken out of the camera. Films fade a bit, but generally they're good for quite a few years before they seriously deteriorate.


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