Film scanner for 35mm, 120, 4x5, panoramic & glass plates

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Jen Brown, Apr 10, 2007.

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    I am looking for a scanner(s) that can scan top quality (large exhibition prints) for the following...
    • 35mm film - single frame, cut lengths
    • 35mm film - double frame (from a panoramic camera), cut lengths
    • 35mm film - half frame (ie, two separate images per 35mm frame), film not cut
    • 35mm film - that includes the entire film in one length (sprocket holes and all - one loooong film strip), film not cut
    • medium format - that includes the entire width and length of film, film not cut
    • 4x5 - that includes the entire film
    • 8x10 - that includes the entire film
    • Glass plate/lantern slides (two pieces of glass about 0.3-0.5mm lick each with the image in between)
    I know it would probably be easy enough to find a dedicated 35mm film scanner (ie not flatbed) for the underlined items (which ones will do panoramic tho?). What about a film scanner that can scan an entire length of 35mm and give me one long file at the end - not 36 different shots (bold item)? - can I get it to scan the sprocket holes as well?

    But what about the other dot points? I know the italic items can be done on a flatbed scanner - but i need the entire film scanned. Normally flatbed scanners will give you a film holder to place the film into (some times this goes into a slot or on top of the glass) - this means that if you place the film directly on the glass without the film holder (wouldn't be able to put loose film into a slot), then the film is slightly lower then the scanner's scanning plane has been calibrated too - and hence my images won't be scanned sharp (at least I think so). Can I recalibrate my scanning plane to suit my needs? Can I scan a full length of 35mm and medium format on a flatbed scanner (which has one continuous image on the films)? I can't cut the film, so the film will be falling over the edge of the scanner (and hence probably wouldn't fit into film holders)...???

    Anything for the glass plates? These range in thickness and size.

    I know that these are not the normal film types/lengths that scanners are built for, but us photographers tend not to be normal and just love to do things differently and the hard way!

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    With anything larger than 120, scan it as a picture instead of film and then invert it. I've got an epson 4490 and have scanned slides, b&w negative, 120 b&w and 120 slides. Dedicated scanners are great, but expensive. The flatbed is much more versitile than you might think.

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