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Oct 12, 2005
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What filtersize and filteradapter should I buy, if I want to use it on 52mm, 62mm and 67mm objective? Is the following combination correct:

67mm filter like this:

52 (objective-size) - 67 (filter) adapter ring like this:

62 (objective-size) - 67 (filter-size) adapter ring like this:

Is the best option (to save money) to buy the biggest filter and adapter rings for the smaller sizes?

yup.....that will work.......

that was my thought too - to buy filters for my largest diameter lens and then get adaptors to fit the smaller lenses....OF COURSE I ended up getting an even larger diameter lens about 2 years later so right now I have no filters except a UV for that one.
So should I buy even bigger in case if once I buy a bigger sized lens? :eyebrows:
I'd need a crystal ball to answer that last question!

Based on what you've said, I'd get 52-62 and 62-67 step-up rings and whatever filters you want in 67mm. If you do or don't use protective UV filters on your lenses, it will still all work together.
I just got 52-67 and 62-67 adapters, and they work great. I wouldn't recommend getting 52-62 and 62-67 for the simple reason of...why? If you do it that way, you'll have 2 adapter rings on the smaller one, and that could create some vignetting. Good luck!
Doesn't anyone use a filter holder system like Cokin anymore?

Just buy the filter holder you need and the filters and then buy the adapter rings to fit each lens. If your holder is big enough you should be able to use it for all your lenses.

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