Filter - before or after lens adapter?


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May 18, 2006
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Let's say I've got a wide angle (or tele) converter lens on my camera.

Does it make any difference if
1) I put a UV filter between the camera's regular lens and the converter lens
2) I put a UV filter on (in front of) the converter lens itself.

Is the key to keep UV rays from hitting the film/sensor? (In which case there is no difference between 1 and 2.)
Or, is the key to keep UV rays from hitting any glass and dispersing within the lens? (In which case #2 is better.)

Same for ND filters or any other kind of filter?

Am I really just splitting hairs here?

Thanks for any pointers,

— Dale
I don,t think their is a difference which one goes on first. I always have a UV filter on to protect the front of the lens. Then I would add what ever filter after.
Well if possible filters in front. But some lenses you have to have filters in the rear just due to their construction (wide angles, large telephoto).

I am inclined to say in front just due to the fact that I use a circular polarizer and would not want anything hanging off the front of it with any weight. Just in case it came apart.

Picture quality wise. I really don't know enough about filter specifics and if one keeps light from scattering or what. Also I don't know if it would be that much of a difference as some lens adapters are not that high in glass quality / construction anyway.

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