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Jul 1, 2003
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i just bought a red, yellow and green filter for my camera. Does anyone have a site which shows differences. Also when i bought the filters, really cheap, he mentioned using the non-color lens and attaching the filter to the non-color lense to stop haze. is that the proper way to do this?
...i'm a little confused with the comment regards attaching a filter to the "non colour lens"

May i presume this reference is to a non colour "filter"? (also known as a sky light or UV filter) and, if so, then i take it the salesman suggested doubling up your filters - which you are now asking about

For myself, that's a no-no due to a loss in image quality: the use of filters to enhance an image is always a trade off and the less glass between a subject and film the better

However, having said that, my suggestion would be for you to try both - same subject/same lighting - and decide for yourself after viewing the results

In the final analysis, there can be no substitute for testing your own equipment



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