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Jan 18, 2006
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My dad picked up 3 filters by Hoya from a garage sale today. They dont say what they are but along the side they say HOYA 58 and an oval with a check through it and the three are numbered +1, +2 and +3.

What are they?
I would guess maybe Neutral density filters? the 58 is the thread size.
What the +1,+2,+3 means is the magnification capability of the filters.
There are many that are also -1,-2,-3, etc. They were originally designed for fixed lens cameras of old that couldn't zoom in or out on a subject.
Sort of like a macro lens on the cheap. The 58 is the diameter size of the filter itself, and if they doesn't have any threads anywhere on it, they may be a Series 9 filter made for cameras from the 1970's.

I forgot to actually check to see if the filters would fit:(

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