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Jul 1, 2003
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I bought a red, yellow and green filter but the filters do not seem to be doing that much. I just took some great pictures from boat house row in philly and none of them seem very contrasty( i used a red filter) and the sky is still look white with some clouds kind of appearing. Its really weird but i know i have a real filter. Any suggestions?
Well, first a filter cannot create contrast...only enhance it. So I'd like to see what those photos would have looked like without them.
A 25A "deep red" was used to bring out the white clouds and give the sky a deeper look. Used a couple of the guys over the years. Let me see if I can remember, use green filter to make red apples look deep and almost look red. Likewise, red will help green apples look more real. It has to do with the absorbson of the color you apply. Hope this helps.


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