Finally got back to the cem!


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Nov 3, 2005
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Montreal, Canada
aaaai, it's been a while...
i so love it there... for sure the calmest place in montreal.

1. first off, my contribution to the "that-grave-that-is-under-a-tree" theme that seems to be going on lately...

2. i just liked this one without any particular reason

3. I ended up in this abandonned-looking part of the cem... creepy place


5. At the end, i found myself with an impressive amount of these cute little angels... they just ruin the mood and they're not even "dark", so here's the only one i decided to give a go to.
Nicely done alex, you got all great ones here. I really like the shadow in 2.... 3 is a great find..... and the pov in 4 is brilliant, like the angel is watching over them or something. Post more in the D/S please .... :thumbup:
thank you guys!

archie: i sure will. just wait till i dig out the fake blood and all... arfff damnit, who needs fake?
Alex...killler shots. Love em all. The comp in the 4th pic is soo cool. I really cant pic a fave. Nicely done Alex!!!
Way to go, Alex! #3 is my favorite ... a very lonely shot ... but isn't it great how the markers are made of what the people had handy? They're all so different!

The Guardian ... that's #4 ... He's guarding the rest.

Excellent captures!
thanks a lot for the nice comments :)

actually that guradian was no bigger than my hand... but he sure keeps an eye on them all.
nice, looks like you had some fun. I don't know about you, but I am sure ready to get rid of all the snow on the ground.
Nice series... believe it or not, my fav is the last one of the cherub with the bird... very sweet! Nice work!
yeah #4 is awesome!!! nice series alex! :thumbup:

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