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Finally something new: Friend at a coffee shop


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Mar 8, 2004
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Met a new friend at a coffee shop yesterday, and we decided to take some shots while we chatted. Sat at a sofa up against a wall of windows in the early evening and had great light.

#1 (still want to fiddle with the contrast on this one)






#4 (focus was off a little on this one, but it's a fun one)


Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
Mark--I feel a little bit silly offering critique to you, but here goes.

I love the posing, and she is a beautiful woman. You caught some really awesome moments. :bowdown:

#1--I'd like to see a little smaller aperture, maybe try and capture both eyes in focus.

The last 4 have a lot of blown hot spots on my monitor. #s 3 and 5 are the worst. The blown spot over her ulnar tubercle is very distracting to me. And the one on her forehead gives me the feeling of being "blinded."

Did I say I REALLY like the posing?
Great work mark, 2&5 are my favs here, although i like 1 aswell but i agree it needs tweeking slightly its not quite as punchy as the second shot. Brilliant shots tho :thumbup:
Thanks all!

Eye: I just calibrated my monitor before starting and watched the histogram while editing to make sure none of the skin tones got blown. Some of the highlights in the jewelry or background are. But when I did the calibration, I did notice that my monitor is getting dimmer over-all. Makes me want to get a new one. There definitely isn't a lot of detail in the skin, so I could see where it would look too hot on some systems out there. I like to use a lot of red when I use the channel mixer to convert to b&w, which can almost make the skin too smooth at times. I might go back and play with that, but I'll have to see how they print first. Thanks for bringing it up.
#3 & #5 are my favorites. Her eyes are stunning!
like 'em :thumbsup:
Excellent light. As usual, nice series.
The only distraction for me is her shadowed area in #1. It looks pixellated. Guess it could be the compression?

Good to see you posting. :)
I think #s 2 and 5 are the strongest of the group - but it's hard to nitpick too much with any of them. ;) Like Robert said, the posing is lovely. She has beautiful eyes, looks lovely in all of them.

Nice stuff. :)
All great shots and the one you said was a little out of focus looks fine to me Of course I'm on my forth beer so it could just be me LoL --Lenny

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