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Feb 12, 2007
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Manchester, NH
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I finaly went ahead and had the balls to take out an add in "The Union Leader" a Manchester, New Hampshire paper that covers my area. Because their site was having techinical difficulties I was not able to make the deadline for thir Sunday News paper, but I plan on taking more ads out. I am probly going to place an add with an image for the Sunday paper as an attention getter. I figured it would be worth the money on sundays with the number of people who get the sunday paper and might not buy a paper durring the week. Anyway I have a slot in the Augest 24TH 2010 edition. I can't wait to get the paper and see how my turnout is. I am proud of myself for this one :) .
My ad ran on tuesday and I only gained two members none of which have posted. I went ahead and ran another ad which is in todays paper and I have yet to gain another member. I did a quite simple ad

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Any tips from others that have used the newspapers for ads?
You're advertising an online forum?
ya, I figured I needed advertising to bring in traffic to at least get the board started. The more people see a board with only 2 or 3 posting members and most coming from one person isn't very inviting no matter how interesting my posts are. Thats why I figured id start with the news paper. can you suggest anything?
Newspapers can be very expensive. But you CAN get in for free! Just use a press release! If you write and construct them correctly, it's not difficult to get them published. Plus as a side benefit, they tend to get a better response than an ad.

As coincidence would have it (honestly I didn't look for a thread like this) just a couple days ago I released an ebook explaining everything you need to know to use press releases. Check it out: "Leap To The Top With Press Releases!" It's in the initial launch phase and is selling for next to nothing.

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