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    Hi I am new here and hope my message is in the appropriate spot. I am a webmaster who needs 1000's of photos of ca sinos. Obviously this could be very expensive - plus I cannot find a place to find this type of photos in mass.

    I am operating websites for instance, on Atlantic City. Users can have profiles like they can on this site. We have installed user galleries. I also want to give options to users to "sell" their photos or right to use them from our sites.

    Does anyone think there would be any interest in this sort of thing? It just seems there is a way to get some photos for free and help the photographers sell more of their photos, and also be a good place to show their images.

    When we display images on our site, etc, we give full credit and display copyright information requested by the user. The credit goes to the users profile (where they can have link to their photo website, etc)

    Hoping to get some input from photographers... :)



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