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    and someone asked to share em i think, and if not, i will anyway. of my camel in mexico. i took lots of pics. so i decided to make a video with em all, so i couold show friends, and maybe take to school, extra points, ya know. its only 17 mins long, but the file size is 144mb. how can i make it a smaller size so i can put it on yourtube, or some other video hosting site??

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    I would suggest using a program that reencodes the video, say from avi to mpg, or something like that. On this, google is your friend


    If you have Adobe Premiere (or if you have a Mac with Final Cut Pro, in which case I hate you :lol:), save the file for the web, usually as an mpg (although it is a better quality endoding in avi with DIVX or something like that.

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