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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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When I awoke this morning I felt a wave of pomposity descending on me. Rather than fight it, I decided to give in. This is the result.

Suppose I decide I want to build a completely modern house. Suppose I want to make it totally different from any house around me. Suppose I buy myself all the modern tools I can find. You know like air guns instead of hammers, paint sprayers, those kinds of things.

And of course I go out and buy myself all the most modern products. Like plastic lumber, metal studs, fiberglass roofing materials, so that my house looks like no other house before it.

When I'm ready to build someone comes by and asks, "Are you planning to dig a foundation" Of course not this is a modern house. Don't need no stinkin' foundation.

A Jones construction company truck pulls up. "Hey we can do that for you cheap." Hell no, gonna' do it all myself.

Building inspector comes bye "You need to get a copy of the building codes and follow it." Hell no, I got an exemption. I'm using all new materials. I don't have to follow code, do I?

Man in work clothes comes by, "Hi, I'm an out of work building supervisor. I can give you a hand point you in the right direction now and then. I got hurt on the job so I can't really do any work but I can advise you." No thanks I can get through this, I'm a smart guy.

While I'm building, a crowd of neighbors gather every morning and they mumble. When I come near them, they all say. "Wow Awesome Dude.." So I keep right on doing what I'm doing.

When I'm finished, the house looks pretty darn cool to me. It takes about a week before the neighbors begin picketing. They say they don't want my house in their neighborhood.

These are the same people who sat around saying. "Awesome dude," while I built it. I decide screw them, I don't need the grief, so I put the house on the market. It has been ten years now. The house won't sell the neighbors hate me, the roof leaks and I can't get a date because nobody takes me seriously. After all I'm the one who built the funny looking house.

What has this got to do with photography, probably nothing. If you can't relate it to anything in your life, then please feel free to ignore it. Most will I'm sure.
okay here you go


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