First 4k edited video

Great compilation of shots. So smooth!!!! I'm definitely a fan of the music too.
Very impressive video (got to get me one of those drones) but I thought the music was a bit inappropriate, something with a more natural feel like pan pipes or orchestral without a dominant human voice perhaps.
The problem with music is there is never any that will be appropriate to everyone.
Not to derail, but what's your work flow? I have a P3P and haven't don't much video editing. I tried dragging a video into premier but on my Retina MBP it barely plays and it looks like it's only "imported" at 1080p. The original files play decently in Quick Time though.

Also, I realize the laptop probably isn't the best option. I do have a desktop that has quite a bit more power I could use...once I buy a new mobo the fix the current one that's apparently crashed.
I merely start recording video before take-off and never shut it off. I drag all the entire files into CyberLink PowerDirector 14. I then start cutting them up and rearranging them. Once I have them in a more sensible order, I add the audio track and add the titles.
Smooth flying and edit. The colors looked very good too. I really liked the close to the ground flying footage.

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