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Oct 30, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, CA U.S.A
I have shot during weddings, but never been the main photographer. Brother Tony and sister Michelle (in law) eloped and I had no choice. Out of all the shots I think this one is my fave. I am worried that too much is going on in the photo. Let me know.

I think you caught a nice moment between them :D
Thanks gang!!! Last may be a little dramatic. Early on I turned down weddings because I thought I could not stand the pressure. Anyway. I quickly realized that I should have at least assisted a wedding. Thankfully this one was very small because I would have blown it. It was like I had never picked up a camera before. Fumbling for exposure while missing moments was not cool. The clincher was crying while shooting. I guess it would have been easier if it was not my brother in law's wedding.
Craig, I don't know of any harder shooting than weddings, except maybe stadium sports. It's a learning process. I think you did well, and next time will be better, and the next time even better than that.
Sure, it's a lot of stress, but it's also a lot of moolah. You are a fantastic shot, and you are so wonderful at commercial photography. This is definately something you can do judging by the spontenaiety of the moment you captured.
Yeah, it's different. Not nearly so controlled, but it can be a total blast too. I look at my life sometimes, and think how lucky I am that I get to go to great parties every weekend, can do PJ work that involves love instead of hate and conflict, can eat really good food, and shoot away while dancing with the clients. How great is that?
Yep, plenty of stress. It's a one time deal. The light is usually the worst senario. You can shoot 30 gigs easy. Lots of processing and lots of tension, but I honestly can't think of anything more rewarding in photography.
My first few were nerve racking disasters in MHO, but the clients loved it. Not because of the photos, but because they could see the love. I'm still working on it, and most likely always will be. I know you love the philosophy of photography perhaps as much as the photography itself. I think you would really dig this, and really excell in the market if you gave it a good go. I've been a fan of you and your posts for a really long time.
Craig, I almost always get misty at weddings ;) It's a strange rush...we'll finish the day and come home and can't wait to see how it turned out. I enjoy portrait work, but weddings are a rush :mrgreen:
Inspiring words elsaspet!!! They mean a lot to me especially coming from you! So inspiring that here is another from the fateful day.

Documenting the love is powerful. As Allison pointed out the "rush" is life affirming. On the other hand my commercial/editorial work keeps me overly busy. Weekends would be tough to give up especially in the summer.

My dear cousin is getting married July 2. I am in the wedding, but I think I can make a conscious effort to hone my skills.
whoa I think you did great! I love those spontaneous shots! I am so bored with all those studio portraits! blah! or typical outdoor pics in the parks ...

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