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Nov 28, 2011
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I took these for my photography class. I wasn't sure if these would work as HDR images, but I figured that the shadows were harsh enough to warrant some HDR treatment. And I know for a fact that no one else will do it, so... :)
Pretty damn good.
The first one does it for me.
Little distortion correction .......winner.
Not bad. Actually, pretty good for first attempt. The bright light in the second image isnt quite visible but I can see a couple of shots underexposed would be needed to get that bright glare cost on the wall. The same exposures would be needed for the bright room lights on the left in the first image. How many exposures did you take?
One the first one I took 5, because I had to expose for the interior of the building. On the second one I only took 3, because what I really wanted was detail in the shadows around the double T. I actually had to burn some of the second image, because the brightness was overpowering the shadows TOO much., in my opinion.
I've always wished I could have nailed it that good my first try.

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