First attempt at shooting a bride.


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May 1, 2005
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Cheshire, England
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Went to my wifes' cousins wedding last week and decided it would be a good opportunity for my first attempts at wedding photography. Very quickly discovered the exposure problems of Brides in white gowns! :lol:

Shot on ISO100 B&W film. Please let me know what you all think of the composition, angle, background and shot overall. Many thanks for looking :).

i think the composition i pleasing, well balanced, i like the way the dress comes up from the corner and leads your eye into the picture. Her expression is great, so i think you caught the moment well. I think the background is fine, it's not distracting in anyway. It's more high-contrast than i am used to seeing with the typical wedding and bride photographs.

there's my 2 bob's worth anyway :)
Thanks John. :thumbup:

The print was cropped on the enlarger to enhance the dress flowing upto her face so I'm glad you picked that up. :)

I think maybe you're right about it being too high contrast. I'll try printing it again on softer paper to see if I can get more range of tones in it. I may even try burning in the flower heads in the background a little so that they don't stand out so much?
For a first time, I think you did a wonderful job. As for the photo submitted, it seems a little over sharpened. Can you tone it down?
Apart from removing a couple of white specs from scanning the image is as it was scanned in. (maybe a little darker but it's hard to tell if it's the image or my screen)

Nothing against digital or photo editing but I would really like to learn the photography and darkroom stuff properly. I guess I'm old fashioned! :lol:

I chose the crop for the same reason John mentioned but wasn't too sure about the angle. Most of the hired wedding photographers shots of the day were taken with the subjects looking towards their cameras.

Also I had to do a little dodging around her face as the exposure for the dress made her head quite dark. I still need more practice at this and wondered if anyone could notice it?
It is noticable slightly round the features as the contrast difference between skin tone and features has increased.

Although in saying that I'm far from an expert at that craft. So I'll just be picky and be of no constructive use :D Sorry!
I quite like the pose! The contrast is higher than what I prefer, but it sounds like you had some exposure issues (very common with those glaring white dresses!).
I found out what the problem is with the contrast! :blushing:

A No 3 filter in the enlarger! I've put a No 0 in now and the rest of the prints are looking much better. I'll have another got at this one later! :lol:

Thanks for the comments and input everyone! :thumbup:

Tkraz, any critique is good and you don't need to be an expert to be able to see something that doesn't look right! Thanks! :thumbup: :)
Christie Photo said:
Well... It seems to me that someone else is doing the posing? Maybe someone further to the left?


Yep there was a hired photographer and his assistant arranging the shots. I just sneaked in wherever I could! :lol:

After getting a new TFT Monitor taday I can honestly say that version was terrible! I have replaced it with something that more resembles a photograph! :lol:

I adjusted the original scan in PS again to resemble the print but as yet I haven't had time to attempt to calibrate the new screen. If the tones, brightness or contrast is way off still please let me know! :thumbup:

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