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Discussion in 'The Black & White Gallery' started by pink_panther, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Hi folks.

    I very rarely shoot in B&W and as such, have never really tried the techniques. However, on a recent shoot with two of my own models, I "snapped" a very impromptu shot of Debbie. She had just been for a dip in the sea after the shoot and I was sat on the shoreline tinkering with my camera. As Debbie was walking up the beach running the water out of her hair with her fingers, this is the "shot" I snapped of her. Taken with a Canon 400D with 70-300mm lense and 580EX Flash. On editing this post, I didnt realise you cant "double post" the same picture - so here is the link.....

    All C&C welcomed.


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