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May 8, 2006
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hey guys,

i was invited to a party at a very wealthy families home, they had 3 premier nashville songwriters attending, and playing as a thanks to some families that helped raise money for a school.

Me and daniel colvin were supposed to have gone to watch a book burning that night, but instead i went to this party. . . and invited him to come along after photographing a wedding that day-

lucky us, he brought his strobes. we set them up in the dining room and photographed: Paul Overstreet, Aaron Barker, and Allen Shamblin after wining it up and spending the night hearing them play.

prints of each artist are going to be mailed to them, and they will each send back two of the prints signed as a gift for the family who held the event, and for us to keep one of course.

anyways, i'm putting up just paul overstreets shot for now, i'm having some color space issues, daniel will put up the other two dudes color shots.

WOW what an awesome opportunity! Love the pics only thing is you can't see their eyes. I am an eye person but great composition and lighting!
This second shot is great as well, but here I would have liked to see a little bit more of his right eye.
I am MEGA jealous!!!!!!!!!! Lucky lucky you!

These shots are amazing. I especially like the one of Aaron. Great choice to photograph in front of that rich, deep wood!

The only thing that bothers me are the wrinkles in Paul's shirt, and the angled level of wine in his glass. I guess the table wasn't level?

Did they sign releases? Can you use them in your portfolio? If so, you've just been handed a gift.

yeah, this has the potential to be a good opportunity, but you never know where it will go.

getting a release will be no problem.

phakimata and mandabec, we've got some shots of the other guys where you can see the eyes, we chose these two for the moodiness of the shots.

wrinkled shirt i know, but they just got done playing a concert.

the whole shoot lasted 15 minutes or less, so i would say we did pretty good for that short of time to shoot 3 subjects.
Nice images. I too think that I would like to see more light under his cowboy hat.
I'm jealous as well! And very nice shots. I love the one of Paul Overstreet - love the lighting, pose, B&W - very nice.
My fav is the first one. The B&W is so moody. The image does look a little crooked to me, an easy fix though. Congrats on the higher profile mini shoot. Great work to you both.
Woah there. The photo is great - very atmospheric. But did you just say you were supposed to be going to a book burning? Please tell me you were joking
we were going to witness one, not partake . . .

get this. IT WAS AT A CHURCH.
Errm, where in the civilised world do people still burn books?
Oh wow. A book burning at a church. Very very sad.

However, possibly a good photo opportunity from a reportage, news type perspective. Do you know what books they were burning? Any Harry Potter?

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