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Feb 16, 2006
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I just started into this whole photography thing and just figured out how to put my pics up on here. If you guy's could creteque them for me, that would be great! Thanks!






MommyOf4Boys said:
They are interesting, but really lack contrast. Perhaps bumping up the contrast would really inhance these a lot.

There is a tad bit more in the prints, but I will remeber that next time I'm in the dark room. Thanks!
Actually i like low constrast high key in some shots the piano looks more interesting that way... the birds wings are very nice.. the roofs of whatever city that is dont do a lot for me but then I have no taste. The staircase leads no where would have been a lot more interesting if there had been a real end to it. I guess I'm more about composition than technique. A photo should have a point of interest something that draws you to it. Like is said early don't take me too seriously. Keep shooting thats the secret, there really are no others. Learn from every shot you make and do what works again and try not to do what doesn't... now flush that advice cause it probably isnt worth much.

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