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First foray into the darkside...


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Dec 29, 2005
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London, England.
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Not sure if these are 'darkside' enough for you but I think they may be more at home here. They're probably more of a mid grey ;) I'm not as darkside as you guys yet, but I'm easily led :sexywink:



It's strange that I should consider a church image should belong in a 'dark side' forum, but I do! It does have a bit of a creepy feel to it.

Every thing is OTE & OTC.


Mohain :)fangs:)
Nice trip into the dark! They're all nice but the 1st and 3rd shots are awesome. I really like the POV in the 1st shot. Did you climb up a tree or something to get there?
Great tones and composition on the church scene.

ok, first...welcome to the dark side, and these are perfect for this..

second... you gotta share how you got the above shot of the angel...that is a great great shot....
the church really is cool..love the tones in that one...

oh, and keep taking dark side shots,... i think you have a knack for it..!!
I love these. Love the silhouette in the second and the tones in the last!

Welcome to the darkside - I look forward to seeing more!
These are really great photos here. I love the pov in #1 and the tone you have in #3. Great lookin silhouette on #2 also.
Welcome to the darkside Mohain. Killer shots. The second is my fave. Lookin forward to more.
I love the angle on the first ... please ... like Raven said ... tell how you got it! (I'm a little tired of her climbing up on my shoulders! ;) )

I love the church ... I'd love to see it at night!
awesome POV/perspective on that first one, mohain, and that third shot of the church is very creep indeed, there is something about the lack of people around... it is very dreamlike... i'm not sure i would want to walk down that path... great tones :thumbup:
anicole said:
I love the angle on the first ... please ... like Raven said ... tell how you got it! (I'm a little tired of her climbing up on my shoulders! ;) )

(At least get her to take off the high heels next time she climbs up on your shoulders.)

Very nice captures, Mohain, and I echo the comments about looking forward to more posts from you....on the dark side.
Welcome to the D/S. seems you have a nack for this type of thing, as already stated the pov is good on the first, like the darkness of 2 and the church works quite nicely in the dark sepia, good eye and well processed :thumbup:
Thanks everyone for your encouragement.

The POV on No.1? Well, I'm a tall chap, 6'6" (without my heals). There was a tree right next to it. I managed to lean back against the tree, on tip toes, and get the shot. Still cut off the bottom of the statue tho ...

Good idea about going back to the church at night anicole. There is a full moon due soon ...

I think I'm being seduced by the dark side, got some very dark ideas forming ...

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