First Hints of Spring


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Mar 7, 2006
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Hi All! I'm very new to photography and am still trying to learn the difference between a 'good' photo, and a 'great' one. How would you classify the following photos? What would have made them better? (And don't hesitate to critique -- having been in the creative industry for over 10 years, I have a very thick skin ;)




Hey! Welcome to the forum.

As per your request, I would say 1, 3, and 4 have the potential to be "great" photos, and all are good. Mess around with the tones and constrast a bit and see what you get. If all else fails, convert to B&W and see what you can do with that.

Too bad you missed the "Lines" photo contest. Number 1 would've made a good entry. ;)
welcome rachell:D
nice shots overall. I like the first but find the whites to be blown the low-point perspective.
Like the softness of the second and the compo is pretty good. I Think I would have lowered the camera a bit to include some more FG.
3 and 4 are well composed shots...tiny bit more contrast in #4 would pop it...otherwise these two shots are great. :D
Hallo rachell, and welcome to ThePhotoForum!
Are these scanned prints? They look like it (which is nothing bad at all!, by no means!).
The first looks a tad overexposed, like Jon is saying here, the white of the snow is blown out (no more texture to be seen, really shining) and all in all I find that photo quite blue.
I also agree with Jon on the foreground in 2 and I like the last two ... all in all I like all four of these, and am now wondering where these were taken!?!?!?
nice series, rachel, i am also getting the impression they are scanned in, just from the blue discoloring at the top of the first image...

#2 doesn't really do much for me (just personal taste, i'm not an expert by any means) but i really like #1 and the last two, they are well composed. i really enjoy that huge tree, it really makes the photo...

of these i think i like #3 and #4 the best... :thumbup:

B&W might be fun as mycoppadge suggested...

oh & welcome to TPF!
The comments above cover anything I'd have to say, but I wanted to add: Welcome to the forum! Nice pictures of wine country. Where were they taken?
Thanks so much for your critiques! The pictures were taken at Sweet Cheeks Winery in Crow, Oregon using my digital Canon.

And although I labeled it 'First Hints of Spring', in actuality it was the first snow we had all year -- and this on March 9th! Our little 'snow storm' only lasted two days so I dropped everything I was doing to run out and take some 'snow in the vineyard' shots.

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