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Nov 14, 2005
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United Kingdom
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Hi Guys,

I've always liked macro photography, I recently bought a reversing ring, this is one of my first shots with it, the lens is an 80mm, the standard one that comes with an eos 300, I was a bit dubious but pleased with the results.


Very nice. I like the bokeh your filter achieves.
We have seen much closer macros up here, though, so it does not seem that "macro" to me. But on the other hand I guess those flowers are tiny, and so is the fly?
Have you ever tried the reversed-lens-technique for macro photography?
Hey LaFoto,

This was taken with a reversed lens, I couldnt get any closer without the insects flying away. This photo has been shrunk to 30% the size of the original to make it displayable here, the flowers are between about 1cm and 1.5cm in diameter. It gets much closer on inanimate objects but I havent thought up anything I'd like to shoot yet.

Steve :)
Ah! So that reversing ring allows you to actually screw back on the lens once it is reversed? All I have ever done so far is hold it against the "hole" - no more...
But sure, I see why the insects would fly away ... but a lens at 80mm doesn't get you any nearer ... is it a zoom lens? Shorter mm give you less DOF but much more magnification, but you know all that, of course.
Yeah, the reversing ring screws onto the end of your lens where you would normally screw on filters, you can then fit the lens to the camera either way around, very useful as you can easily and quickly change from normal to macro.

The lens is a 35mm to 80mm, I'm still trying to master what all that means :)

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