First non-friend wedding shoot this weekend... and its going to rain!


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Oct 6, 2008
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I've done some weddings as a main shooter. They were mainly for friends. This is my first for someone who was referred to me. I don't know these people (although I have taken the time to meet with them a few times), they are paying a full price of what I think a new pro would charge based on research I did in my area, and not a cheapout price we often give friends.

Wedding is in Old Montreal. Ceremony and Reception at a nice restaurant. Got some lights on a stick to help me light the room. Got a friend coming to second shoot. Got ideas for shots. Contract signed, expectations set...ready to roll.

And now I check the weather and it will be raining on Saturday... ugh. And not just light drizzle, but there is a hurricane touching down in the maritime provinces, so we will get some higher than normal winds and rain.

Heading back to the area tonight to scope out more protected from the element options for places to shoot, and picking up some black umbrellas for the couple to walk with (if they are good with that).
Wish me luck!
Earl (that's also a petroleum product down here in the south) is going to kiss the Outer Banks and barrier islands and give them a handful of rain and hurricane force winds today/tonight.

I do not envy you.
Cancel, tell them you broke your leg, call in sick, don't do it.................

Only kidding. :mrgreen:

Based on your posting here, I think you will do a great job and the customer will be happy when all is said and done.

Good Luck!!
Good luck.

I usually have 5-10 umbrellas in my vehicle when shooting a wedding. I have red, yellow, green, blue etc. I have small ones that will fit in my camera bag and I have large golf umbrellas. Most of them were dirt cheap (from Wal-mart etc.) don't really have to worry about them being destroyed or not getting them back etc.

Rainy wedding days can be a hassle, but they can also offer opportunities that you wouldn't have otherwise. For example, it may be cliche, but I love a shot of a bride holding an umbrella and wearing rubber boots under her wedding dress.
Thanks for the virtual support :)

I'll head by Walmart and see what I can pick up, thanks for the idea Mike.

Old Montreal is very photogenic. There is a long walk along cobble stone streets with old 1800 buildings in the back. I'm picturing the couple strolling down with an umbrella in hand.
Another thing to think about, is that wet streets & buildings look different than when dry.

I think your vision of them walking in old Montreal is great.
Stop by this TPF member's web site for some inspiration on the "walking through the old city" type of photography....this guy and his daughter are two of the finest candid-style wedding shooters in the world, in my opinion.


Week after week, they crank out some of the finest wedding work I've ever seen.
Mike, I'll be on the lookout for reflection and such as well, which should provide an added level of fun to the images.

I've seen there work before Derrel, thanks for pointing me back there, I had forgotten the link. :)

I'm nervous as hell, but totally psyched for the challenge..
I feel your pain, i have 2 shoot this wedding tho, i can re-schedule :p
Hey Pierre! As a fellow Montrealer, I feel your um, pain/excitement. But on the bright side, the inclement weather may chase lots of people off the streets, allowing you more elbow room. How many people are going to be dragging along while you shoot the happy couple? That may influence where you'll actually end up shooting. Don't forget all the construction around Notre Dame - can get muddy. On the other hand, staying near Rue de La Commune and Place Jacques Cartier should give you lots of shooting opportunities.
They are prepping at hotel st-paul on mcgill street. So indoors photos there, plus they have a great lobby. I went there today and chatted up the bartender a bit and he'll hook me up for some shots in the bar if needed and keep an area clear.

From there, they are taking a horse carriage (or limo, probably limo) to the restaurant which is in front of Marche Bonsecours (called Versions). Walked around there, not much with cover...going to head to the front of the marche, then down to de la commune along the strip, then up to place jacques cartier. Spotted a few areas. Got some alleys, areas, cobble stone slopes and so on spotted

Heading to Walmart to get umbrellas in a bit.

If we really need, we have the world trade center which is indoors and really nice, but there are usually 2-3 weddings going on there every weekend.

A Man,
With a Plan
Well in hand!

As for the umbrellas, get the white ones - they may double as diffusers and reflectors:lol:
I hope the interior of the building is light & colorful!
When, and if, the rain breaks you will get some great shots with gray skies and slick streets...
Best of luck!

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