First paid shoot - Engagement Session 1

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May 28, 2004
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Purgatory, Wisconsin
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Finally got through my first paid job! I did a portrait session (ya I know, me shooting people?!:lol: ) last Saturday for a wedding I have booked in September. Given the limitations of my small livingroom "studio" I think I got some pretty good captures. Still working through all of the files but thought I would post one or two of them here to see what some opinions might be. Please be gentle though as I am really space limited and still learning my lights, posing, metering ect!!!

I did have to fix the background a little as my background light was too close and not quite powerful enough to overcome the falloff. In most shots it was bright enough for 60% of the background to be properly overexposed but left grey or folds/wrinkles in the rest. BTW this background was a 120"x216" White Muslin from Wal-Mart for a cool $38 :mrgreen:




We are going to be doing some more in an outdoor shoot in another month or so when the weather is a little nicer out. I'll be sure to get some of those posted here as well when I get them done ;)
I like them all, but I like the third one the best!

Nice work!
What a great start!

Don't ya wish the ceiling was higher?

And, of course, I have to mention the clothing being out of key... one dark, one light. I would have sent them home to change, but that's me.

You got some really nice expressions. Don't forget to lighten the shadows under his eyes.

Good job!

Nice shots. I like the third one.

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