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Discussion in 'The Aspiring Professionals Forum' started by blackphoenix, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Sorry, I was referring to various light colors as in white balance.

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    Nail on the head, this is why I struggled to get away with using flash correctly, and since I sold up the Sony and went back to Nikon, funds have not been free to purchase a new one and continue to develop knowledge and experience, this is on my list of things to purchase and continue to learn... Didn't mean to drive you nuts!! :D
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    Hey tirediron, was good to finally get back on my feet and be able to log on after a recent surgery with attendant "cross your eye balls pain" without pain killers and see one of your excellent posts. I would call the light I use "available" light and that includes all light sources available to me, including ambient or natural, strobes, hot lights, speedlights, reflectors. Sounds like op was shooting people with dark skin. Try a gold or silver gold reflector or a softbox with silver gold insert. It really makes dark skin glow. Did a shoot with a black photographer and had him aim a gold reflector at our black subjects. Shoulda seen his expression as he played the gold light across her face. Also, if you are going to be shooting dark skin, realize that for light skin shape and form can be revealed with shadow, but dark skin does much better to me with a large soft edged highlight revealing shape and form. Think 5 or 6 foot octa or popping a light or 2 through a 6' scrim. I couldn't tell from the posts if you were shooting as a group, taking individual portraits or run and gun. Once folks learn to master light to be able to fine tune it for their shot, most no longer find ambient good enough.

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