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Apr 13, 2006
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Yorkshire, England
trying out my new camera and this is one of my favorite shots of my daughter.
I'd like your reaction to it. personally i think i could have done with more light on the face and increasing the depth of field but I've only just started and still learning
sorry got the wrong image size will fix it

First off...its WAY too big for easy viewing. You need to decrease it to maximum 500 pixels wide. Second - Nice idea (from what I can tell with it so big) but I couldn't find a point of focus. Maybe that will change when you post a smaller version.

I quite like the depth of field but agree about the light on her face. A reflector or fill flash would have worked wonders. I might have also tried rotating her body towards the camera slightly. Very nice otherwise.
wierd everything i tried wouldn't load the right size.
ended up going too far the wrong way hope you can still see the detail
finally got it right
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Hi AlanH. Nice pic. I'd try a closer crop: loose the red flowers on right; the wall on the left and clone out the path in the background. Aint no right way with taste. Give it a go. Best wishes.
Actually, I find the highlight to shadow ratio to be just fine. What would have helped is if you moved clockwise around her a bit, so that a some more light would fall on her left cheek when she faced the camera. You'd likely get some more light into her eyes too.

Thanks for all the advice, as i said I'm totally new to this so it's a steep learning curve.
learned loads all ready just by reading on this site.
will definitely get a reflector thnx for the link bethany138.
at the moment it seems like the more i learn the more i realise how much i need.
Tried your suggestion Itchy but i think the picture is now unbalanced, I'm not happy with the crop but will post it anyway.
I agree with the cropping and loosing the red flowers, but I liked the brickwork behind her.

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