First post of pictures...


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Jul 26, 2003
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These I took at a local lake last month...comments welcome.


And this one -

i love the ducks, very crisp.. fasinating colors :D
Thanks guys! I went out looking for the ducks again today, but they were nowhere to be found...didnt snap the shutter at ALL. Didnt see anything of interest just getting photo's of the lake itself.
Very nice. I like the colors in the first one. The light on the neck and the white/black on the wings.
wow i wish i can do that!
you should have posted it (also) to the "HOW TO" forum ( for newbies like me).
Very good motion captures! Great DOF and subject focus!
I can see why you went out to the lake again to do some duck hunting :)
Look forward to seeing more photos...
This might be a problem w/ my computer/internet, but i think I'd like to see a slightly larger DOF so the whole duck is in focus. And the exact focus may be a little off, but I think its alright

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