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Mar 8, 2010
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This was a studio shot I took for a project at work. I work for an eyewear company and we have an in-house studio. I'm not the main photographer but I've shot images before. I'm learning studio lighting and how to compose images when I get time to shoot. Studio and outdoor are completely different. I'm loving both right now. Still have a lot to learn but I'm proud of this shot so far. Any constructive opinions are welcome.

Studio Frame Shot by cortesben, on Flickr
Needs a bit more space to the left. I like the camera height, and the way it allows the closer temple to overlap the earpiece of the other side. Reflection control looks good.
Looks great. The whites and the reflection are always the hardest parts to nail down.

I might make the frames and reflection and little darker. Otherwise, looks good.
Thanks on the feedback. I have to admit I took it into photoshop and adjusted the white to 95% on my HSB dialog under levels and clicked away. Plus the color came out a bit purplish so I adjusted that too. I'm a graphic designer I can't help but make digital changes.

But I want to learn. Anybody know a good book on studio lighting?
The glasses are a translucent blue. I color corrected them so they are pretty accurate. We use daylight lamps to color correct.

I agree it looks a little over exposed. I'll be shooting again some more product and post it up for opinions.

thanks again everyone!
Just looked at it in photoshop and if the exposure was better you would have had a nice reflection underneath

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