First real Photojournalism assignment... advice...

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    I'm doing a multimedia presentation with stills, audio, and maybe a little video.

    The subject is a group that is trying to save and conserve an abandoned mental asylum. I'm using their interviews along with stills to create the presentation...

    This is the first assignment I've gotten that has any sort of real journalist qualities, so to be blunt I'm a bit nervous.

    What should I ask them? Should I really concentrate on the group or the asylum? The asylum is a great place to shoot... but I don't want to be unclear... which is another issue. Should I make the project more about the location with the group providing human subjects and opinions? or should I just make the project focus on the efforts of the group and their passion for the location? Or perhaps I'm just over thinking this one... or under thinking.....

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    Ok, first of all do you have an agent? If not you need one. THEY will work out the money matters for you. You just go shoot.

    Good wishes.

    PS call my old agent at SIPA. His name is Erik. He will want to see some work, but if you make it on, you will be well represented.
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