First roll through the Mat LM


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Jun 10, 2011
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Hey folks! I finally got a scanner for Christmas and scanned up some photos from a roll of Ektar 100 from my Yashica-Mat LM. I'd love for you to tell me what you think.

Yashica-Mat LM - a set on Flickr
Hmm, no link.
You really should post the image(s) directly in your post ... I personally do not like surfing personal Flickr pages.

You should also include what scanner you used.
Some of the close-ups are out of focus.
The last one shows off the IQ.

What scanner was used ?
You should really shoot some E-6 through that ... if you have never shot slide film before, you will be amazed by a 6x6 slide.
I'm still getting used to focusing the TLR, but I think I'm starting better now. These are about 6 months old.

It's a real cheap Canon Pixma MG5220.

I've never shot slides, but I've been interested in it lately. I think that will be the next roll of film I buy.
Use the magnifier ... it helps ... though I would suspect you have already figured that out.
Ektar 100 IMO looks best shot at 50. I'd bump up the exposure a bit, it can handle it. Also, I'd look into making a couple profiles for your scanner. You know, different profiles for different films. These look really dull for ektar in my experience.

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