First shoot with a DSLR, Meet my gf!


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Jun 19, 2010
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My wonderful girlfriend came up with this fantastic idea for a Halloweenish type of shoot. Lots of fake blood, a blade, a pumpkin and her beautiful self on the other side of the lens for once. She is a self employed portrait photographer and let me use her Olympus DLSR to do this shoot. Thankfully, because I ended up shooting around 900 photos of her that day in just a few hours! That would be a LOT of film! Aha Anyhow, here are a few of the pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the shoot! Let me know what you think!

Note: Please do not copy or use these photos without permission from either myself or my girlfriend. You can contact me through the forum or contact her by searching New Moon Portraits via FaceBook. Thank you all.

1) Her holding a pool of blood.

2) Her pointing as if to say "You're next!"

3) "Peacefully Murderous"

4) I'm so happy I could kill someone!

5) One last look...

6) It hurts so good...

7) Murder weapon

8) Bloody pumpkin

9) The eyes of a killer

10) Beauty is in the eyes of the beheader.

We had a blast shooting these. Maybe we are twisted, maybe not! :lol: I just know that she is such a wonderful woman, model and photographer. I'm honored that she let me shoot these. I hope you all enjoy and happy Halloween a bit early!
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kinda gross:(
haha nice, I wonder how #2 would have looked with focus on the finger instead of the face.

Rest look good!
Photography opens the door to us doing a lot of things and going a lot of places we normally wouldn't do/go - looks like this might have been one of those things for you, and looks like you had a blast!

regarding the photos, the 'series' might have been better if you had started with a little blood (immediately following the opening of the wound), and applied more and more as you went.

Otherwise, cropping is also an issue. Try more vertical maybe?

Awesome! Thanks for the comments everyone! It's not for everyone, but it was a blast for us! Thanks for the tips doziergraphic. These are unedited with the exception of resizing them down 25% so they would not be 5-6MB each. I had about 900 to choose from so I just picked a few that I liked and put up. Some were much better, good lighting, perfect cropping et cetera right off the camera but I didn't feel like going one by one through them all at the moment =] Again thanks for all of your comments! I'm still learning and everything helps!
I'll let you wonder about that =]
3 and 5 are kind of creepy looking,
She looks too innocent in most of them, lol! The last one I could believe, if she was one of those out-of-their-mind killer types (too much CSI-type shows for me, lol).
I guess it this is your thing, then it OK! I kinda sorry I opened it.. Just my 2 cents.
RandyA, Please elaborate on why you're kinda sorry that you opened it. My photos are no good, or you just don't like the blood and gore kind of thing? Honestly, please. I'm still very new to photography beyond pointing and shooting and everything helps, even "your pictures suck because...(give reason)". I'm not a complete "noob" but I'm no seasoned professional all the same.

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