first shots with the new cam


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Jan 29, 2006
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owen sound ont canada
Hi Machine, I only looked at one pic, and it looks cool, but very hard to see, as the resolution is too high.. can you re-size your pics to 800 pix at the widest side, before you post them at pbase? If you look at my pbase, you will see what I mean.

If I click the pbase setting "large" at the bottom of the pic, it works great.. awsome shots!
Photos looked great! I opened the first one which was too large, but scrolled down below the pic and clicked on large rather than original. Then above the photo I clicked on the previous button and could move to the others that way. Really like the first one, the crop is good and the water and roots on the base of the balancing tree are wonderful.
thanks for the words .

its to bad but ,my monitor is so dark that i got a very nice dark tone to it at home .

looked at it at work today and it wasnt anywhere near the shade i wanted it :)

i guess i need a new one

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