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Apr 22, 2006
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Hi everyone,

I am considering purchasing a DSLR, I am new to this market and I have heard a lot of opinions from friends.
Most back the Nikon, some the Canon and other the Konica-Minolta!

Now I am confused, I went to a specialist shop to ask about these cameras, I want to purchase a 2 lens kit with at least one 300mm if possible 400m lens.
The person at the shop advised me to purchase a Konina-Minolta 5D saying that this was more robust and had an overal feature rich list in comparison with my other options, the Canon 350D and the Nikon D70s.

Is the KM 5D really a better buy than a Nikon D70s? In terms of price it seems to be and the overall features from what I seen are very similar, now the most important factor is the output of the photos, has anyone used both cameras? Should I go with the MK 5D or the D70s???

Thanks for reading and thanks for the replies!
First, welcome to the forum....

As a hard core Minolta nut, I obviously would tell you to with the Minolta..


First keep in mind that Minolta is now Sony, and they don't have a track record YET on the overall quality on said cameras. Second, the 5D is a scaled down version of the 7D and has the anti-shake feature. Which allows you to use ANY lens with the camera and have the advantage of anti-shake.

The biggest problem with the Minolta is that because it is now Sony, no one knows what will happen in the future.

At this time, I would advise you to go with the Nikon. The company is stable, and the lenses are abound. In addition, it looks like some one wants to get rid of their stock.

I would also VERY STRONGLY advise that you try out BOTH cameras and see how they feel in your hands.

Minolta cameras still have and will have for many years to come lenses to be had. Accessories to be had. But that cloud is still their.

personally, if I were in your shoes right now, I would go Nikon.
I don't trust the minolta system yet. There's no history and the buyouts don't tell a lot.

Also - physics wise the largest sensor wins. It can collect more photons and give better image quality ceteris paribus. This makes canon 5D just as clean at ISO1600 as Minolta at ISO400

And there's lack of good range of lenses for the minolta mount. Canon and Nikon have that covered.
Soocom1 said:
personally, if I were in your shoes right now, I would go Nikon.

so would i.... good call.... you cant go wrong with a D70s :thumbup:
I would second the reccomendation to see how they feel. The feel of the camera in my hand is what finally swung me to the D70s.

Good luck with your decision, you really can not go wrong, its more a matter of what is most right hehe
Many thanks guys, I did have in mind the Nikon D70s, however I fancied the Anti-Shake feature of the Minolta, as Nikon VR lenses are very expensive.
Since the plan is for nature photography and the budget is limited I thought it might be a good idea to go for the Minolta, has the anti shake would help a great deal with tele shots and macro!

Again thanks for your opinions regarding the subject.
tripod is cheeper than both of the above anti shake options

The Anti-shake feature on BOTH systems do not like tripods!
The Minolta particularly is set up to actually find shake. If there is none, the anti shake has a tendency to cause an out of focus situation.
The Nikon having the 'gyroscopic image stabilization system' is on a heavy lens. This lens is like having an SUV. High center of gravity and making it more susceptible to wind shake if on a tripod, and it will do the same thing.

(If anyone can refute me on this... great...) If you go with the Minolta, TURN OFF THE ANTI-SHAKE when on a tripod!!!!
:-( I just wanted to stick up for canon.... seeing as though no one has mentioned them yet.

If you're seriously considering the Nikon D70s, then definately look at the Canon 350D and the 20D. The only real difference between Canon and Nikon cameras (in the same level) is the feel of them.
be sure to check out the Olympus Evolt E500 Dual Lens Kit. it's a great bargain and a great camera for the price! but whatever you do good luck with your foray into a brand new (photo) world.
I'm a Canon user and i think unless you have a series of lenses to suit a particular body i'd go for either Canon or Nikon.
I know Canon has dozens of lenses for all sorts of photography - presumably Nikon has a similar number.
I also know that it's fairly easy to pick up a Tamron/Sigma/ANOther brand for a Canon or Nikon but not so sure about the Konica Minolta.

I'd say go for Canon or Nikon.
From what I have seen, Sony is now releasing under the name "Alpha" a new set of DSRL cameras soon that will use the KM mount! So future lenses does seem a problem. And for my budget I think the KM 5D is a very viable option has for the money I would pay for a decent 400mm lenses with VR on the Nikon I can buy the whole package with the KM.
I have also seen that the KM and the D70s use a Sony image sensor, and I have been comparing sample photos from one and the other and I don't see much difference between both of them.
I will see if I can get a good deal with the KM 5D, and see where that takes me!

Thanks to everyone for your comments much appreciated :)

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