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Aug 16, 2003
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Kelowna, BC, Can
I am a "somewhat" experienced intermediate photographer who is trying to expand my skills in the area of studio portraiture. Here is the situation..

The studio I am creating is for personal use (i.e., "the kids"/ "wife"), and for a "quick set-up and take-down" indoor location work for, and I stress, SMALL groups (nor more than 5 or 6). I am not a 'professional" working in the business, although I do SOME assigments for fun, as a little extra cash...

And the dilemma...

Given my reqirements, what does anyone recommend??? I want a set-up balanced for regular color film, if possible (or recommend correction filters, because I don't know what to use with what), and one that is "inexpensive" (will CERTAINLY consider used). My camera of choice is the Elan 7, and somehow, it needs to work with that (synch cords, etc). Also, I may occasionally try to use a flash unit outdoors, so "portable" power is (only ONE) consideration.

Any advice/ help is GREATLy APPRECIATED...Thanks!!!!!!!!

Mask of Sanity

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