First time Airshow shots (dial up unfriendly)


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Jul 14, 2003
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Thought I’d show some shots I took at Fairford Airshow last Saturday, I had some help from people here, which I’m very grateful for. I used a Olympus OM-1 with 100-200mm zoom lens. I’d been practising on Concorde and decided I was going set shutter speed to 1/250 and adjust aperture until the exposure meter looked level. Focusing was difficult as my focusing screen is optimised for night time but I think I did ok. I took 4 rolls and have only been able to develop one..i’ll get the rest done on payday!

L39 Albatros


Phantom F4

This next one of The Red Arrows was taken by my wife with a £40 1.3MP camera. I think it looks pretty nice considering the equipment.
If that's doing OK I want to see your good shots!
Absolutely terrific!
How did you get the shot of the looks as though you were alongside it i.e. in the air with it?
Thanks for Comments! I really appreciate them :D

Everyone I show that pic to ask if i was flying next to it! I did have my feet firmly on the ground it was just particularly low and fast too! In preparation I set the zoom to 200mm and focused on a marker that was by the runway at the approximate place I knew I was going to take the shot

I then set shutter speed to 1/250 and picked up the F4 in the viewfinder at the end of the runway as it was flying towards me while continuously adjusting aperture for a level exposure when it reached my pre-focused area I took it. I’m surprised that it came out as well as it did because holding it in the frame was really difficult.

In hindsight I think I would of deliberately tries to compose it better for perspective, but I had to concentrate on keeping the F4 in the viewfinder. I did take a shot of it coming the other way and this one does have a couple of heads and a tree, which might give a little perspective….


Sorry for bad scan i was in a hurry this morning!
OK!....I almost wish I hadn't asked because the chances of me pulling something like that off are slim to nil!
You don't happen to be a juggler do you?
Really excellent work though!
LOL! No I’m not a juggler, just lucky! I just wish the camera had a motor drive that way I could have had more of a selection per shot, hopefully I’ll have more good ones when I get the other films developed, in particular the Red Arrows flying in formation with the stealth fighter. Thanks again for you encouragement! :D
These are really great. I agree about that not asking thing, I'd never be able ta do that one either. Sidenote, I'm glad I've got a UPS, just had a brownout and computer woulda shut down. MY favorite is that first shot. good work

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