First time posting pics

HI nice shots but... i think you should get up closer...try using the macro setting and get as close as you can for detail. Also, the red flowers look like they were shot inside with flash.. Maybe move them into natural light by a window?! xx The first looks as if it was very harsh sunlight, maybe try later in the arvo or early morning for softer natural light. I hope this has been of some help. I prefer to post rather than reply as i'm learning too, so feel free to ignore me xx LOL I hope you dont mind but i attatched one of my flower shots to show you what i babbled on about. These were shot on macro setting on a table in a room with beautiful window light diffused by a sheer curtain. As you can see.... I have an obsession with 'close-ups'. If you dont like it this close up, move back, just go for the best natural light you can find xxx

Thanks jemmy. Your tips are greatly appreciated. I would definitely use the macro setting, but my Kodak EasyShare doesn't have that setting lol.

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