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Nov 27, 2005
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I need a shoe mount flash for the D50 i just purchased. I don't want to spend more than $200, less if possible. What other options do i have other than the SB-600 by Nikon. I don't mind owning something other than a Nikon if it's a decent product. Also, is there anything wrong with those batteries on Ebay from GB that cost only three bucks? Thanks for the responses.
Is GB a brand of battery? If so, I've not heard of them so I can't comment on that battery specifically. I own a Targus replacement for my D50. Only cost $20 and works great, although it doesn't have as long of a life as my Nikon battery.

I also have an SB600 flash and couldn't be more impressed. It's a great piece of equipment. I don't know flashes very well, but was advised by 2 camera shops to only use Nikon flashes. At first I thought this was just a sales ploy, but it turns out that one of the shops only stocked Canon products, and the other didn't have any flashes in stock, so I took their advice to heart and I really couldn't be happier. I think I paid $149 for the flash on Adorama, or close to that.
Aaah, a GB battery might be a battery from Great Britain? If so, remember that three pounds does not equal three dollars. ;) Double the price shown in pounds to get the rough price in dollars, and then factor in international shipping...dunno if you'd really save all that much.
Well, I purchased the sb600 from BH photo video online. I got it two days ago. Quite a flash. It's definitley more advanced than my skills - for now. I get to use it in a wedding tomorrow. I think i've got it down enough to use it. Hope all goes well. As for the battery, i'm just gonna charge it tomorrow and hope it doesn't die during the wedding. Thanks for the replies.

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