Flash projector from the 70's


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Feb 16, 2009
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Hello everyone. I started out with a little box camera, then got a 35mm camera that required guessing at the exposure because it lacked a light meter and I couldn't afford one. I've used a half-frame 35mm Olympus for a few years partly cause it gave twice the number of exposures, but you had to mount your own slides. Used a 16mm Minolta 'spy camera' for awhile that made very tiny slides of little real use. Finally ended up with a Topcon SLR equipped with bellows, macro lens, and a couple telephotos that served me well for years. Gave all that up a decade or so back and finally got into the digital age about 5 yrs ago, but just at the point and shoot level. Digital cameras have so much more application because the results are immediate, have a wide exposure range, and more processing latitude. My main reason for joining the forum was to post a question about a 70's flash projector, which is posted elsewhere.
Hi Virginiaj, welcome to TPF. I moved your thread about the flash projector to a more appropriate forum, hope you get some answers.

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