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    Once upon a time, in my misspent youth, I had a weekday job. The weekday job was dealing in house trailers. Mobile home, wobbly boxes and the big wind's toys were all over the two acre piece of ground. The owner was a friend and we had a deal worked out. I did a lot of photography for him during the week. Part of his draw was a family portrait for everyone who came by to tour his trailer sales yard. By the way we never called them trailers in front of other people.

    Other than the fact that I made photos of salesmen and a bunch of pictures of lower middle class families there is something else in this story about photography. He dealt in all kinds of Trailers. Some were your basic econobox which I thought were plain but efficient housing. Of course with any of them we recommended that you keep your insurance and your tithing up to date. Still not the story.

    The first time I saw real "flash" was in a trailer called a Tidwell. It was the name of the man who designed and manufactured them. Why did this trailer have "Flash" It was of course the wall finishes (mostly mirrors and fancy looking paneling) and the flooring, The window trim, the kitchen cabinets, and the choices of cheap furniture. It was the Flashiest of the Flash trailers.

    The price was higher, but it was purty. I know you are still wondering what this has to do with photography. Hold on I'm getting there.

    So was the basic needs of the family met better with the Flash or the plain old econobox. Remember the basic purpose of the trailer is to house people. Since my friend lived in a half million dollar house, back when that was real money. not monopoly money, he must have been selling both. Lots more econo boxes than`` the flash models.

    So now you want to know what this has to do with photography. I give you the one each basic wedding photography service as an example. If you give it some thought you can see the parallels.

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    I had a fried once who said that he preferred fast nickels to slow dimes. But if all you had was a dime, that would do.

    I think you are right. 'Wedding Photos' will save a marriage from a groom's (husband's) screw ups about twice. And will get the bride (wife) about a dozen sessions with children/grand children on her lap bonding and reminiscing.

    So, as you say, will the gilded album be that much better in the shaking hands of an angry wife looking for some reason to stay, or the grubby little hands of those loving little kids?

    Probably not, but my kid does need braces and the in-laws seem much happier with the deluxe parents album (the one that they show all their friends). And who wants their in-laws unhappy? ;)

    The point that I think you are trying to make is however a valid one. What is important is that they have a home. (or photos to help save a marriage and teach the next generation about their family history)

    Good post


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